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Above - Damani Lee, and LaBre Tyler in  "SCORNED"                                                  

 Below- Tia Lane'e, Atiya Moore, Darrell Shanks, Denise Pickard, and Sherod Smallman "SCORNED".
Below - Michael Cameron, Matthan Griggs, and Branden Lipford "BLOCKERS"
Below - Mariah Carroll and Alfred Holmes in The GOEP's  "ROADS"
Below - Founder of the Garden Of Eden Productions, novelist, playwright, screenplay writer, director and producer "Bethel Bates".
Below - Bethel Bates and the cast of "The Judgment" sitting in on an interview with Hamilton Radio Station, February, 2016.

Below - The cast of "A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry". from left to right top row: Matthew Brent, Xander Hobson, Shanice Brooks, Colby Jackk, and Son.

*******CASTING CALL******
Philadelphia, Pa. - The Garden Of Eden Productions (GOEP) will be holding auditions for their new sensational stage play / douc – series “THE AFTERMATH”, An original stage production that takes a candid look at the repercussions and aftershock of wars fought by US soldiers; the weight that is placed on their families and home life, the impact that these wars has had on their minds, bodies and their spirits ….and the hell that they live in every day since their return

WHEN: March 19, 2016 
WHERE: 4442 Frankford Ave, 2nd Fl. Auditorium
TIME: 12:30P

E(zeek)iel Harris 35-yrs (War Veteran- POW suffering from PTS)
Jo(sephine) Harris 35-yrs (Ezekiel’s wife)
Alliyah Harris 14-yrs (Ezekiel’s daughter)
Cameron Harris 16-yrs (Ezekiel’s son)
(Dash)er Coleman 35-yrs (War Veteran – Zeek’s Best Friend)
Max(ine) Coleman 35-yrs (Dash’s wife – Jo’s Best Friend)
Levi Coleman 16-yrs (Dasher’s Son – Alliyah’s Boyfriend)
Donica(Mistress) 25-yrs (Zeek’s Jump Off)
Eric (Shin)seki 30-yrs (Ezekiel /Dasher’s Army Friend)
Drill Sgt. Angel Medina 40-yrs (Chaplan) 
Unk Man (side walk café) 25 - 30 yrs
Unk Woman (side Walk café) - 25 - 30 yrs
The Counselor (Miss Robinson) 28-yrs- (Zeek’s Family Counselor) (to be intro late in Docu-series)

Please submit headshots and resumes at the time of auditions. 

Below - Bethel and the cast of "A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry" being interview at Spiritual Connect Radio, September 2015.

The Garden Of Eden Productions is pleased to share with you our newest stage production. "The Judgment" 2016. Our wish is that you all be blessed. Click the below link to view.
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