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 Below- Tia Lane'e, Atiya Moore, Darrell Shanks, Denise Pickard, and Sherod Smallman "SCORNED".

Above -Theresa Weaver, Monie Geeze, Founder of the GOEP "Bethel Bates, and Brianna" .

Above- The cast of "A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry". from left to right top row: Matthew Brent, Xander Hobson, Shanice Brooks, Colby Jackk, and real life Son.
The Garden Of Eden Productions (GOEP), a community theater, media arts and film production company. 

Below - "Dakest B4 Dawn" with Rais Wilson, Quinesha Baxley, Mary Dennis, Alysha Davidson, and Cambriae Bates
Right - the magnificent cast of "The Aftermath" 2017
Above -  check out a preview of The GOEP "Aftermath Revelation"
Above - Mariah Caroll and Alfred Holmes in       + Roads.

Above- Bethel Bates and the cast of "The Judgment" sitting in on an interview with Hamilton Radio Station February 2016
Below - The GOEP short "The Color of Aids". Our wish is that you all be blessed.

RIGHT - Bethel  at 2019 5Shorts Screening of "Hammer Head"
Above -  Marsharelle and Vhaldis' at the premiere of  "A Father's Son".
Above - Bethel at 2018 Spiral Awards Recipient.
Below:  Bethel and the Cast of "DOWNTOWN DREAMING, March 31, 2019
Below: "2018 Spiral Award Winning, "A Father's Son"  (After the show)
Below - Bethel with daughter Diavah showcases 2019 Spiral Award for original stage play "A "Father's Son" 
Left - The GOEP Dancers
ABOVE - Bill Freeman, Ryan Irving, Jerry Walker, Tareem Polk, and Zach Martin