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Above - Damani Lee, and LaBre Tyler in  "SCORNED"                                                  

 Below- Tia Lane'e, Atiya Moore, Darrell Shanks, Denise Pickard, and Sherod Smallman "SCORNED".
Below - Michael Cameron, Matthan Griggs, and Branden Lipford star in "BLOCKERS"
Above - Mariah Carroll and Alfred Holmes in The GOEP's  "ROADS"
Below - Founder of the Garden Of Eden Productions, novelist, playwright, screenplay writer, director and producer "Bethel Bates".
Below - Bethel Bates and the cast of "The Judgment" sitting in on an interview with Hamilton Radio Station, February, 2016.

Below - The cast of "A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry". from left to right top row: Matthew Brent, Xander Hobson, Shanice Brooks, Colby Jackk, and Son.

Below - Bethel and the cast of "A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry" being interviewed at Spiritual Connect Radio, September 2015.

The Garden Of Eden Productions, a nonprofit community theater, media arts and film production company. 
Below - our 2016 stage production, "The Judgment". Our wish is that you all be blessed.

Above - "Dakest B4 Dawn" with Rais Wilson, Quinesha Baxley, Mary Dennis, Alysha Davidson, and Cambriae Bates
Below COMING SOON - The GOEP presents
                        "THE CHIAN" June 2017
 Coming to a network near you!!!
​“THE CHAIN” a made for television series, the story about law enforcement, forensics, lies, deceit and how they all play a role in one man’s obsession with finding out his true identity. 
  Bryce, an only child, and lead forensic scientist at one of the largest crime labs on the East coast is taken by surprise when his mother meets with an untimely death. 
While getting his mother’s estate in order, Bryce runs across paper work among some of his mother’s personal belongings that indicate that he is not his mother’s son. Torn by this new shocking revelation, Bryce becomes obsessed with finding out his true identity and the circumstances behind what caused the woman he thought to be his mother to deceive him all these years.

B      Below is the magnificent cast of "The A        ftermath"