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Tween Eminence Summer Writing Retreat


1.Candidates must complete and submit the attached application by Friday, February 5, 2021. 

2.Candidates must be a Philadelphia resident, female, between ages 12 and 14 yrs of age, be minority with a higher rate of domestic violence, drugs, and teenage pregnancies than most areas of the city.

3.Candidates must write a one page essay telling of their writing aspirations and why they believe the Tween Eminence Program would be a good fit for them.

4.Candidates must have no lower than a 2.8 GPA with no behavioral 
Incidents and able to follow instructions.

5.Candidates chosen will be notified by April 15, 2021.

6. If you meet the above requirements copy and 
paste the below link to fill out application.

The GOEP Tween Eminence Summer Writing Retreat is an overnight retreat and will be held Friday, June 18th , Saturday, June 19th , and Sunday June 20th , 2021 in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania.


To sponsor a child please copy and paste
link below.
     Hi, my name is Bethel Bates, founder of The Garden Of Eden Productions; a community theater, media arts, and film production company.  As an author, playwright, and screenplay writer, I am blessed to be able to write and produce stories that people enjoy. But sadly enough there were no writing programs, workshops or opportunities available to me, growing up in North Philadelphia where resources were very limited for someone like me. There were no mentors or advisors to guide me as a pre-teen in my writing aspirations. And so The GOEP' Tween Eminence Summer Writing Retreat for at risk girls is designed to offer young girls the very opportunities that were not afforded me as a child.
     So for one weekend full of fun, games, swimming and more, The GOEP will nurture our recipients and provide them with a warm, structured and creative writing environment as they explore all the wonderful possibilities that writing can offer them educationally, as a hobby, or even as a career. 
     Our objective is to inspire and to encourage aspiring young writers to use the gift of writing to the very best of their ability and to achieve all that they can in the pursuit of the unimaginable.