General InformationThe GOEP offers several programs to the youth of our communities involving, workshops, rap sessesions, choreography, photography/cinematography, development of a monthly newspaper (All About Us), articles written and printed by our youth , touching down on various topics and issues that directly affect them.  Our community will have the opportunity to look at the lives of our youth through thier eyes.

The GOEP is incorporated through sessions. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, with two Productions per year to run approximately four weeks each.  Each session will consist of rehearsals, theater venus, newpaper publications, rap sessions, and workshops. Times and dates are subject to change and will be posted on weekly basis.

The GOEP's main source of funding will be it's bi-annual production fundraiser and donations.  The GOEP will accept any and all donations relevant to the growth and expansion of it's theater, resource center, tutorial services and newspaper publication; ranging but not limited to after school snacks,stage equipment, props i.e. portable furniture, backdrops, costumes, computers, dance and work attire, i.e. danskins, tap shoes, suits jackets, skirts dresses etc. hair and makeup supply. 
The GOEP encourages all teachers and retired entertainers skilled in the forementioned areas to voluntarily share their gifts with the children of the GOEP through our volunteer program.  This would be a great example of giving back to our community. For more information on the GOEP's volunteer program and donations.  Send all inquries  to the Garden of Eden Productions, c/o Bethel Bates, 4442 Frankford Ave, 2nd fl auditorium, Phila, Pa. 19124 or e-mail us
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Above - Face and Candi in "ROADS"
Above - Nichole Spain in "+ ROADS"
Below - Lateek Harrison, Mary Dennis, Quinesha Bradley, Alysha Davidson in " Darkest B4 Dawn"
Below - Cambriae Bates and Mariah Carroll in "+ ROADS"