"Statement of Solution and Change"

The GOEP was not created entirely out of a want, but consequently out  of a need.  For the city of Philadelphia, the crime statistics have proven and provided information that would indicate that our children desperately need a blueprint for their lives.  The GOEP is committed to being etched in that blueprint.

The children of our communities need a basis on which to place their ideas, their beliefs, their views, their thoughts, and their opinions, as they do matter.  To build a house you need earth as it's grounding.  And so it is with our children.  They are seeds that need planting, fostering, and cultivation, if they are to become good crop of the earth.  If we want our children to be productive and prolific beings, we have to invest in their futures.  We as a community will pay for this investment now or we will pay for it later.

If we choose not to invest in their future today with love, support, sustenance, provisions, and opportunities, then we will pay for them tomorrow with interest.  That interest being, perilous neighborhoods, high incarceration rates, uneducated unwed mothers, increased  high school dropout rate, domestic violence, drug activity, illegal firearm possessions, substance abuse, an increased homicide rate, as we are literally witnessing today.

What the GOEP advocates is that we invest in our children now with intervention programs like that of the GOEP's.  Instead of our communities paying a lifetimes of interest on crime and destruction, our investment in them now will ensure our communities will be paid in full with high school and college graduates, home ownership, entrepreneurship, new businesses in our communities that will create new job opportunities, community restoration, growth, productivity,  development and expansion, planned parenthood, and a better educational system.

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