"F O O T  P R I N T S"

  • Theatre or theater (from French "theatre", from Greek theatron, mean, "place of seeing) is the branch of the performing arts concerned with acting out stories in front of a live audience using combinations of speech, gesture, mime, puppets, music, dance, sound and spectacle.

  • The Garden of Eden Productions has designed a program that introduces the youth, young adults, and those of a maturer group in our communities to a very different element of cultural arts.  We have instituted a theatrical approach to creating plays, musicals, drama and film that has connected to societal  and cultural ideologies based on real life issues. Our members are exposed to a terrain outside the very environment in which they live, that would take them to places well beyond the realm of their imagination as the stage becomes that vehicle.  As a theater community, we are a unified village and are a witness to the sets of footprints that our members have and will leave behind as they journey through this wonderful manifestation. 
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Right - The GOEP presents...                           "The Judgment"
Below - Cambriae plays a tune.
Below - Theresa Weaver, Production Assistant for "The Aftermath"
Below - Diavah dances her first solo!
Below - The GOEP Dancers
Below - Vincent and Nah collab.

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Below: The GOEP Dancers