"F O O T  P R I N T S"

  • Theatre or theater (from French "theatre", from Greek theatron, mean, "place of seeing) is the branch of the performing arts concerned with acting out stories in front of a live audience using combinations of speech, gesture, mime, puppets, music, dance, sound and spectacle.

  • The Garden of Eden Productions has designed a program that will introduce to the youth, young adults, and those of a maturer group in our communities, a very different element of cultural arts.  We have instituted a theatrical approach to creating plays, musicals, drama and film that will be connected to societal  and cultural ideologies based on real life issues. Our members will be exposed to a terraine outside the very environment in which they live, that would take them to places well beyond the realm of imagination they've become accustomed to. As a community, we are a unified village and can witness the sets of footprints that our members will leave behind as they make their way through the journey of their lives and the manifestation there of.
  • Theatre will be a portal for this journey because it is more than just what one see on stage.  Theatre involves an "entire world behind the scenes"  one which creates costumes, sets, and lighting to make the overall affect magnificently intriguing.   

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Right - The GOEP presents..."The Judgment"
Below - Cambriae plays a tune.
Below - Theresa Weaver, Production Assistant for "The Aftermath"
Below - Diavah dances her first solo!
Below - The GOEP Dancers
Below - Vincent and Nah collab.